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What are the issues one has to consider when migrating to SharePoint?

Especially in the past couple of years, there has been a rise in interest by organizations to move off of one or many legacy portal or document & content management systems over to SharePoint. Though most often the desired target environment is Microsoft Office SharePoint Services (MOSS), it is not uncommon for some organizations to take a serious look at Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) as an alternative to the possibly more expensive MOSS.

Considerations when migrating of cloud-based systems to SharePoint: Jive Case Study

Leveraging the hosted or cloud-based business applications continues to be one of today's hot topics. Though available in an in-house installable version, these days, a large portion of software vendors are offering hosted or cloud-based versions of their products with attractive cost savings. The demand for such applications has risen dramatically over the last 10 years because of the potential to both save costs while at the same time mitigate risk.

How to handle Virtual Documents within SharePoint?

Though not limited to any one content management product, the concept of virtual or compound documents is mainly a Documentum based option. But in today's environment some organizations who have both Documentum and SharePoint are at times grappling with the issue of how to manage some activities especially if certain core functionality is on one platform but not the other. One such core functionality happens to be virtual documents where a direct equivalent doesn't exist in SharePoint.